How to Install a Hardwood Floor

Top 10 industrial contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Blog Pages - Hardwood floors also help cut down on dust mites. Maintenance is easy for a pre-finished hardwood floor — keep grit off of the surface by sweeping regularly and use a flooring cleaning kit (alcohol-based) and spray on and wipe off with a damp cloth. ..More

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Laminate flooring Vs. Hardwood flooring

Directory Listing Of residential contractors - Repair issues related conversations - You may have no choice but to rip up the entire floor and replace it with something new. Do that two or three times and a cheap laminate floor may wind up costing twice as much as a real hardwood floor. Meanwhile laminated flooring cannot be repaired, which greatly limits its sustainability. ..More

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Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor

21 Best industrial contractors - Pro Blog Service Pages -   If the floor is clearly damaged from flooding or stains, you may need to repair before refinishing. Pay close attention to the flooring beneath the hardwood. Remember that your floors need to be at least 3/4’’ thick. To avoid sanding down to the sub-floor, check with a professional if your floor is thinner than ¾. If there is a floor covering underneath, remove the old floor first. The first step to refinishing your hardwood flooring is deciding whether your project needs a complete refinishing job. . ’’ Realize that if your floor is slightly thinner, it may not be able to be refinished ..More

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Cleaning Your Hardwood

Find best 10 licensed contractors - Repair & Service Blogs - If this happens, waxing and buffing the floor can be done by using a buffer machine. Of course there are products and solutions on the market that help when it comes to spills or accidents. If you choose to vacuum, be sure not to scratch the floor. .   Use a dry-damp mop so that extra water does not seam into the floor. They add taste, style, and elegance to your home.   The first step is simple—make sure you have a soft bristle broom in handy for those daily dust removing touch ups. Most of the time, wood floors needs a good mop cleaning when it comes to certain stains that are sometimes unavoidable, especially with a full house. Hardwood floors are unique. The attachment is a safer choice because it is difficult to repair damaged wood caused by a vacuum. Therefore, it is important to keep them looking just as they did when you first installed them. Most products contain wax which gives the floors an extra glow. Avoid using brooms that have hard bristles because they may damage the floors. We all know that wood floors are an expensive purchase. Remember that to keep your hardwood in its best condition, maintain its quality by cleaning and dusting it frequently. Now that the simple cleaning rules are understood, more extensive care may have to occur if the floor is beginning to look dull. It could leave unwanted streak marks. Remember to dry the spot so that water is not left behind. The hose attachment may be helpful to gather extra dust near the baseboards of the floor. Most of the time, a damp cloth will do the trick. Important tip: Be sure to never dump an entire bucket of solution onto the floor. Although not all hardwood floors are the same, they all need special treatment to keep them clean. Depending on the type of floors in your house, it is always best to find a solution best fit for the kind and quality of floor you have.   If a water spill occurs, wipe it immediately with a towel ..More

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Why Choose Hardwood?

Best Local contractors - Service Forums & Faq Pages -  Your health will begin to see benefits from your wood floor too. . Even though this is true, it is ultimately a great long term investment because it increases the value of your property and adds a beautiful charm to the overall feeling and appearance of your home. There is no doubt that it reminds sustainable for many years. Wood floors use less water and energy to produce than other possible flooring options such as laminate or tile. Hardwood lasts for decades.  Allergy sufferers find many pros when it comes to wood floors because of the improvement in air quality. Dust mopping on a regular basis will keep your floors looking new as well as the occasional approved cleanser. Although they last hundreds of years, the flooring can be recycled! Indoor air quality is even improved when hardwood is installed. It is fairly easy to maintain also. Dust, mold, mites, and dirt build up on carpets, irritating colds, allergies, and other health problems. For those who love to go green, wood flooring has tremendous environmental benefits. We all know wood flooring is quite an investment ..More

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