Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Top 10 Best licensed contractors - Pro Forums Faq Pages - . Production of wood flooring saves natural resources because they use less water and energy than other materials ..More

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How to choose the best species for your flooring!

Directory Listing Of professional contractors - Service Contractor Blogs - If you plan on creating a distinctly rustic décor, oak and hickory might be the way to go!. . Do you desire a more streamlined, contemporary look? Then you may want to consider a few of our modern maple selections. To highlight a dark mahogany desk for instance, it’s always best to select a light-colored flooring to establish contrast and create a dynamic interior design. Grain will also play into the equation. Next let’s consider the walls and other furniture in your home ..More

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Picking the Perfect Area Rug for Your Flooring

Service Expert licensed contractors - Repair Company Blogs - . 1. The key idea is to find a rug that does not cover the entire floor, but to leave enough space to be able to see the beautiful wood. Measure. Of course you need to know what size rug you need to fit the space you are looking to place it ..More

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Cleaning Your Hardwood

Find contractors - Tips - Service Advice - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - Depending on the type of floors in your house, it is always best to find a solution best fit for the kind and quality of floor you have. It could leave unwanted streak marks. Although not all hardwood floors are the same, they all need special treatment to keep them clean. . The hose attachment may be helpful to gather extra dust near the baseboards of the floor. Remember to dry the spot so that water is not left behind. Hardwood floors are unique. Therefore, it is important to keep them looking just as they did when you first installed them. The attachment is a safer choice because it is difficult to repair damaged wood caused by a vacuum. They add taste, style, and elegance to your home. Of course there are products and solutions on the market that help when it comes to spills or accidents.   The first step is simple—make sure you have a soft bristle broom in handy for those daily dust removing touch ups. We all know that wood floors are an expensive purchase. Most products contain wax which gives the floors an extra glow.   If a water spill occurs, wipe it immediately with a towel. If this happens, waxing and buffing the floor can be done by using a buffer machine. Most of the time, a damp cloth will do the trick. Now that the simple cleaning rules are understood, more extensive care may have to occur if the floor is beginning to look dull. Important tip: Be sure to never dump an entire bucket of solution onto the floor. If you choose to vacuum, be sure not to scratch the floor. Avoid using brooms that have hard bristles because they may damage the floors.   Use a dry-damp mop so that extra water does not seam into the floor. Most of the time, wood floors needs a good mop cleaning when it comes to certain stains that are sometimes unavoidable, especially with a full house. Remember that to keep your hardwood in its best condition, maintain its quality by cleaning and dusting it frequently ..More

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Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-friendly Flooring!

21 Best professional contractors - Support Services & Forum Pages - . After your installation is complete, you can visit the Carpet America Recovery Effort to find a local carpet recycler near you. They have a wide list of sources all over the United States including Great Lakes Recycling ..More

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